Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mobile vs Mobility

A lot of people are talking about mobile this and mobile that. Recently I read a good article which claims the future isn't about mobile its about mobility.

After reading this article I tend to agree. From GEO Tracking of content on standard websites, to GPS Location based mobile websites or mobile applications, there is a lot of potential. The key is knowing your audience, not just who they are but where they are and what they are doing and how they are accessing your content.

A smart phone user or tablet user at home may be similar to someone with a home computer but when the smart phone user or tablet user goes to Starbucks then they want to use their phone to pay either through barcode or other payment system. When they go to the movie theatre they want to use their Scene card on the phone.

I look forward to comments on how you would like to see web sites and applications implement more mobility features. You can post them here or email them to

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